4 Explanations Why You Are Working Hard but Can’t Succeed

While in school, teachers were often heard telling pupils that hard-work will pay and in most cases, it did. For the ones who worked well hard, brilliance was their section. But, as you grow mature, it gradually dawns that life is not about being the best or the most dedicated person.

“Considering the ‘hard-work pays’ demeanour one had in school and placing it in life cannot work, and a few of the brightest minds in school have come to learn this the really tough way,” tells Hari Shankar Tibrewala. He is one of the most influential leader and global entrepreneur with lots of experiences about this journey under his sleeves.

If you consider that you are one of the most diligent individuals in the world but achievement for you seems far away, below are a few factors.

You do not instantly adapt or are unconcerned to change

Hari Shankar Tibrewala claims that even though you are a diligent person, you should be prepared to adapt and change your techniques once in a while. It’s right that in this day and age, transformation as they say is unavoidable and everyone must adjust. Failure to adjust always means one is not adaptable enough and so, cannot be trusted with anything specifically that which needs them to change a particular aspect of their life or how they deliver the results.

You dread or avoid taking risks

You will never develop regardless of how much work you put in your venture if you are not ready to take risks. Every entrepreneur knows and understands that taking challenges is indeed the first step to evaluating one’s methods and strategies. As a diligent individual who is reluctant to take risks, achievements will seem far-fetched.

You prevent or fear to reach out to distinctive and new people

The fact is it is usually easy to stick with faces you are comfortable with. These people make you feel relaxed, and there is no better crowd to spend time with. Then again, as a person chasing great outcomes, hanging around with the same folk will never get you to your aim. “You require to be prepared to change your circle every once in a while or to branch out in the expectation of meeting new people and trying to learn new ideas,” says Hari Shankar Tibrewala.

You consider your credentials must guarantee you success

If you are one of the folk who consider their degrees should generate them that job or that pay growth, you are definitely going for failure in future. Your hard work in college does not mean you should have the best but only that you are worthy of a chance to establish yourself.

Well Effective Habits of Brilliant Entrepreneurs

Those folks who seem to alter everything they touch into gold. How do they do it? So they have magic? No! They just are aware of a few secrets which you don’t. Today we bring you what some of the successful global entrepreneurs do to encourage success in their life.

Don’t Ignore Problems

One of the crucial things successful entrepreneur do is they don’t ignore problems. They face difficulties head-on. According to India and Dubai based global entrepreneur, Hari Shankar Tibrewala, this is the precise attitude. It’s what separates the average from the successful ones.

Fuel your dream

What do you do when you have a “big dream” of your future? At times, when challenges are on your path, you have to make a pledge to keep moving forward. “You always discover a way, despite of the anxiety in the instant,” says Hari Shankar Tibrewala. When you fuel your big dream with determination, and the courage of “moving forward,” then you will always, finally, find achievement.

Be Flexible

Make a strategy, but be ready and enthusiastic to modify it. You require a series of strategies, but try not to cast them in stone. “You might discover your plans are needed to be revised from time to time. They can help you sketch out major landmarks and figure out the big picture, but they can be rarely depended upon blindly,” tells Hari Shankar Tibrewala.

Embrace your skills

If you are really good at something, embrace it and cultivate it. Don’t attempt to be good at all things. Be good at one thing. Being the jack-of-all-trades means you will find trouble in developing your innate abilities further and get better at them. You will remain stuck and so will be your earnings or entrepreneurial profits.

Got inspired? Follow some of the great entrepreneurs and discover how they lead their journey. Happy reading!

The Power of Listening

Networking is linked with entrepreneurship!

Hari Shankar Tibrewala, the entrepreneur with strong network connections, says, “The key to networking is not in the talking, it is in the listening and asking questions.”

This is true for a few reasons. Let us explore those reasons as Hari Shankar Tibrewala explains.

  1. People like those who are fascinated with them. The more you query about them, and just listen, the more they will like you automatically.
  2. While listening you tend to learn, and not by talking. By asking questions you will discover about this folk, and you can uncover if there is a link for business or something else.
  3. The folks who listen and query actually control the chat. If there is something precise you want to discover or require knowing, just asking and the direction of the chat will go that line.

Now that we have clearness on the power of listening as well as asking, there is an approach you can be immediately better at it: networking solitaire. “The technique is this, for each specific person you meet, mentally list ten points about them or their business or service which is amazing, exclusive or interesting. Once you get your ten from one person, move to the next person,” says Hari Shankar Tibrewala.

On an average it will take you maximum 10 minutes to get your ten points, which usually, in the social networking world, is the ideal time to go forward. Just be pretty sure to pick up a business card before you part ways, thus you can follow up if a chance exists.

And be assured to jot down a number of your mental notes on the card, just before your store it aside. With this approach, when you carry out your check in with them you can take up from where you have left. And that is darn impressive for networking.