Hi, I'm Hari Shankar Tibrewala

Part entrepreneur and part humanitarian, Hari Shankar Tibrewala has decided to take his efforts of building a new future for the people of African continent on the track.

Mr. Hari Shankar Tibrewala, who is of Indian origin and born in Kolkata on 2nd June 1978, works jointly with a small team for the development of the African people through his farming project there.

He now lives both in India and UAE after being graduated from University of Calcutta in Commerce with distinction followed by post graduation from the same university in the subject of International Business.

Mr. Hari is considered as a strong leader for the international level having immense passion to change the world into better living place. He has the vision and a strong leadership which aims to turn the under-developed businesses in Asia, Africa and Middle East to develop.

His current initiative includes the joint support, planning and implementation of an agro based venture named Plus Agrology Ltd in Zambia, Africa, which has the net value of almost USD 50 million. His distinctive model for the project offers better farming based solutions which in turn contribute to the welfare of the nation


Work Experience

2013 - Present

After my visit to Africa, I was determined to do something for the welfare of the African local community. This determination led to the creation of a unique business model and joint venture named Plus Agrology Ltd which is an agro based venture.


Calcutta University
1996 – 2001

With the dream of being a successful entrepreneur, I completed my graduation in Commerce from the University of Calcutta.

I seamlessly blend ideas into strategies. I am passionate for the greater good. I read books of diversity with the firm belief that you should not judge a book by its cover. I am very passionate about building a happy world and embrace the awareness that my best work happens after a normal work day ends. I love whatever I do for a living and for my people.

Hari Shankar Tibrewala